Circus Dress of my Dreams | Emily x Skye

Every now and then, clothing surpasses your expectations.

Photo May 23, 2 15 39 PM

When I saw this wonderful dress of Skye‘s, I fell in love right away. For some reason (maybe because of the bright colors?) I imagined it would be a thick, heavy, double-knit polyester, and worried that it would be too warm for the hot weather we were having.

Photo May 23, 1 59 22 PM

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bodice was a super soft, comfortable knit, and the skirt was a really lightweight woven fabric — absolutely perfect for warm summer days. Then the challenge for me was: How do you style a “circus dress” in an office-appropriate way?

Photo May 23, 2 17 28 PM

Photo May 23, 2 12 41 PM

I’m a firm believer in the idea that work wear doesn’t have to be dull or bland. What makes something look “professional” in my eyes is the overall tone of the outfit. Accessories can elevate even the most whimsical or unusual garment into something that looks polished and put-together. Blazers are my go-to piece for this, and neutral accessories (ahem, except for the enormous yellow earrings) helped, too.

Photo May 23, 2 14 56 PM

I absolutely adore this dress. It is comfortable, cute, flattering and downright fun to wear. I seriously considered hiding it in my closet and telling Skye there had been a terrible accident of some kind, but in the end I did the right thing and sent it back to her. But I have a new sewing goal now …

Photo May 23, 2 12 19 PM

Photo May 23, 2 11 45 PMEmily Signature

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