Kickin’ It Casual | Lyndsey x Rebecca

OUTFIT DETAILS: Rebecca’s polkadot dress, Payless white eyelet Keds, Ross braided tan belt, thrifted vintage headscarf, Claires owl clocks & butterfly earrings

Hey dolls! Today I’m sharing with you this adorable polkadot dress from Rebecca. Can’t you guys tell we have a thing for polka dots in this group?? ;P. I’m not one to normally wear form fitting clothing (or somewhat ‘casual’ outfits), but since this dress is quite form fitting, I wanted to simply let my curves steal the attention to detail. I guess you could say I’m being shaped by style ;). Since it’s already in the 90s & 80% humidity in Georgia (hence the wild hair), throwing on a lightweight belt, some white eyelet keds, and a cute vintage headscarf makes the cutest coolest summer outfit.
It’s so odd to me how makeup photographs so differently than the way it looks in person. When I took close ups on my phone it looked way darker, when I filmed a video it looked more golden than silver, and when I took them outside it looked just right. I used to be a photographer, so I’m familiar with lighting affecting facial features and things of that nature, but I guess lighting plays a huge part in photographing makeup too!I do feel a little Ariana Grande vibes in this outfit. The hair, the sparkly silver eyes, the dress with Keds, etc.. Have you ever found yourself subconsciously dressing like one of your style crushes? Ariana isn’t a style crush of mine, but I do think this would be an outfit she might would’ve worn on Victorious!

Thank you for letting me borrow and style this adorable dress, Rebecca! <3
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6 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Casual | Lyndsey x Rebecca

  1. Thanks so much girl! I know it’s way crazier in photographs than it is in person. Makes you wonder about all those unrealistically perfect makeup grams on IG!


  2. That is most DEFINITELY a compliment!! Thank you so much ( and thank you about my hair.. it’s wild these days! ;P) <3


  3. You look a lot like Jennifer Lawrence in that first picture! (which is a compliment in my mind)
    I love your hair in these pictures too. I guess humidity can be a good thing ;)


  4. I am so in love with this! You look fantastic! And yes, this group definitely has a thing for polka dots, haha!
    How makeup photographs is always odd; I feel like in person, my makeup always looks much, much darker than in photographs. But lighting definitely changes that!


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