Striped Top and Summer Whites | Hannah x Kristina

Blue striped top, white jeans, red accents outfitYou know how sometimes you come across an article of clothing and it just screams you? Well, I could hear this shirt yelling at me from across the internet!

Kristina put it up for grabs and I was happy to make it feel welcome while it was in my home.
Blue striped top, white jeans, red accents outfitInstead of decking myself in all out ’80s, I kept my look modern with a hint of retro.

My first instinct is to mix prints but I took a different route and tried white pants with this striped top. What a stroke of genius! I love how the pieces pop next to one another.Blue striped top, white jeans, red accents outfitI finished the outfit off with sprinkles of red. I think it’s so fun to tie colors of an outfit together. Usually I’m more subtle about it but when you’re wearing a top as flashy as this, why go subtle?

My favorite styling trick I’ve learned in the last year is securing a pin or a brooch under the collar of a button-up. That’s what I did here with my tiny red sunglasses. It’s cool and unexpected, right?Blue striped top, white jeans, red accents outfitOutfit details – Top, from Kristina – White jeans, outlet store – Flats, purse, and sunglasses, thrifted

What style tricks do you use to personalize an outfit?

Thanks again to Kristina for letting me wear this shirt! Check out her rad print on print ensemble below.Hannah Signature


4 thoughts on “Striped Top and Summer Whites | Hannah x Kristina

  1. I love how the pin looks like a bow-tie at first glance! And I love how you styled this shirt; I never wear it like that because my hips are the wrong shape for low-tied shirts (too hippy), but I love the way it looks on you! Also… you are brave. White pants? Those would not be white for five minutes in my house.


  2. This is so cute!!! Honsetly that top reminds me of vintage popcorn sellers (even though they wore red stripes instead of blue!) I might have to grab it up next myself ;)


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