Sequined Knit skirt | Emily x Rebecca

I am a total magpie. At the thrift store, I reach for anything sparkly, shiny or bright. And yet somehow, I have literally nothing sequined in my (not exactly tiny) wardrobe! So I jumped at the chance to style this sequined skirt from Rebecca, because SHINY.


I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and comfortable this skirt was — the inside is an almost sweatshirt-like knit. So this is basically my dream garment — soft and cozy on the inside, flashy and glittery on the outside.


I really have to push myself to not go full-on matchy-matchy with my outfits, so in this case, I picked an orange lipstick to contrast with the cool tones of silver and turquoise. But I couldn’t resist the peacock-feather earrings!


I was afraid the skirt would be too long on me, but I actually liked how the length and cut gave a vaguely retro feel to the outfit. I have a pretty straight up-and-down figure, so I always try to find a way to accentuate my waist — in this case, with a belt.


Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this skirt with me! I can’t wait to see how the rest of you style it …Emily Signature



7 thoughts on “Sequined Knit skirt | Emily x Rebecca

  1. Wow Emily! I love the teal and gold color combo! The funny this is I have peacock feather earrings too but never wore them with this skirt. Now when I eventually get the skirt back I have some outfit inspiration-thanks.


  2. OKAYYY. Satin and sequins are the next combo on my list… so fancy!!! I also really love the contrasting lipstick- you look like a vixen!


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