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Hello there, I’m Rebecca! I am the moonlighting fashion blogger over at Three Things Great where I share my outfits and thoughts on the fashion industry. For my day job I work as a wardrobe stylist for an eCommerce company, which I absolutely love. I spend my days looking at & learning about beautiful clothes, helping women to feel good about themselves & the clothing they wear, with a splash of travel thrown in here & there (perfection!). When the opportunity came to join Shaped by Style I jumped on it because I love being surrounded by intelligent & fashionable women!

floral dress & jean jacket / florals and boho necklaces/
Here I am last month in my newest dress!

When I am not styling or blogging I am taking care of my two year old daughter, hanging out with my family, walking my dog, reading or working out. Here are some more fun facts about me:
-I live on a ranch & my favorite animals are cows (they like to photobomb my outfit photos)
-I was in the front row of a Jack White concert, while pregnant
-I co owned an Indian food truck & was studying veterinary medicine before I changed careers

Like many of the other women in this group I have had a wide variety of shapes & sizes from toned to not so toned. Since this group is about dressing different body types & healthy body image I thought I would share photos of all my different body types and then I’ll share all the amazing things my body could do at each stage!

black & gold sequin dress/  maternity style/  midi dress and jacket/
Pre pregnancy/ Pregnant/ Post pregnancy

Pre Pregnancy: Size 8/10. Ran 3-6 miles 3x/week, completed Insanity &  karate class 2x/week
Pregnancy: Size 14/16. Still ran 3x/week until third trimester, then yoga & elliptical 3x/week
Post pregnancy: Size 18/20. 30 min strength training + 20 min cardio 3x/week, hold a squirming 27lb toddler, endurance + patience to pick up 10,000 legos daily & function all while running on no sleep (ya know what I mean?)

To me style has always been more about how I feel about myself & my body in my clothing and what I am capable of doing in the clothes I choose to wear than the actual clothes themselves. My goal when I am styling a woman (myself included) is to remind her that her clothes are an extension of her amazing body & personality, not the focus. Follow Shaped by Style as we introduce you to more gorgeous clothes worn by dynamic women.Reb


3 thoughts on “Rebecca | Three Things Great

  1. Love your new dress! I am impressed with your fitness level as well – it is something I really struggle with. I KNOW that I feel better when I get regular exercise, but motivation is really difficult for me. You’re an inspiration!


  2. Thanks Kristina. I know, sometimes I think back on my running days and am amazed too. I actually competed in a race while pregnant! I am glad I did all that running because I believe it made my delivery a lot easier. Wish I was still in that good of running shape! Legos are evil. Especially when it is the middle of the night & you step out of bed onto one & they always come in packs of gazillions.


  3. I love this, Rebecca! And I am really amazed that you ran 3x a week while pregnant. I struggle to get up stairs. Haha! And what your body can do now made me laugh (oh man, the Lego part. I feel your pain.) I’m so excited to see how you style swapped garments as we get into that!


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