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What better place for an outfit repeater than in a style swap group?

Hey there! I’m Hannah, also known as The Outfit Repeater. Other titles I go by are stay-at-home-daughter, Jesus freak, internet enthusiast, thrifting legend, and reincarnation of an 80’s Valley Girl. What I bring to the group is a unique personal style with a focus on vintage & thrifted finds.
Starred Photos12 Pre-20152I’ve been many different sizes, and had a lot of different haircuts, but my style has consistently been sourced from thrift stores and inspired by the past. My favorite era is the 1980s and I’ll talk about it non-stop if you let me.
output54 Starred Photos13IMG_0911I am so pumped to get into styling clothes and getting to know this creative group of bloggers better. I sincerely thank you for joining us on this journey and I hope you walk away feeling inspired after each post.Hannah Signature



6 thoughts on “Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  1. So I have a hideous(and also hilariously overdone) 80’s dress that I’ve been meaning to chop into a skirt, and seeing that striped skirt on you just made me realize I really need to do that. Because my dress would be exactly like your skirt if I did that. And then… twins!

    I’m so excited you’re a part of this group, Hannah! Everyone is going to KILL it with the style swapping!


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