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I’m Skye, and I’m a storyteller.


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In more prosaic terms: I’m a writer, a religion student, a pinup model, and a lover of vintage treasures. My approach to fashion – and to life, really – is fundamentally about stories. All the world’s a stage, and all our outfits are costumes.

I’m interested in what we can say and not say with our aesthetics. I’m interested in becoming a different character every time I get dressed. As someone prone to feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, I find it pretty dang empowering to control exactly how I present myself. I’m interested in reclaiming frivolity and femininity in the name of art. If I loathe anything in this world, it’s that traditionally feminine pastimes are so often denigrated. I am no less empowered for my pursuit of beauty. My body is a canvas.
My style is 100% vintage, though the specifics vary: I’m alternately a rockabilly babe, a flapper goddess, and a fabulous aging society dame. I want to be Dita von Teese, Daisy Buchanan, and every single Advanced Style dame. I love bright colors and huge hats and laughably outsized aesthetics. Because at the end of the day, if you aren’t living your art, then what are you even doing?
I can’t wait to play dress-up with these rad ladies. I can’t wait to repurpose their best-loved garments and make them, just for a moment, mine. I grew up on the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, and even though I hate pants and refuse to wear them, the appeal still holds. There’s something magical in a piece of clothing that’s withstood so much. It’s why I love old things: “if this couch could talk…”
And above all, I can’t wait to bring some weirdness to this group. Forewarning: your clothes maaaaay get covered in glitter. Or fake blood. Or fake glitter. Or find themselves discarded backstage at a burlesque show. Or pick up an angry ghost at an antique store.  But no matter what, I promise to do them justice.
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  1. Ah, Skye! I love this intro post so much!! I can’t wait to see how you style all of our clothes; they’re going to look amazing on you! (That last paragraph, haha!)


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